Join the Tradition. Make It Your Own.

When you become a Visi girl, you are joining a timeless community bound by shared experiences and amazing growth. Here remarkable girls become extraordinary women while taking pleasure—and pride—in a host of school traditions, exuberant and sacred. These traditions leave an indelible mark. Visitation graduates stay connected to classmates, teachers, and the school while joining a network of Visitation alumnae eager to help one another. In becoming part of our rich history, students are primed to make their own.

The best part of my Visitation experience was Gold-White. I couldn't get the same experience anywhere else.

Some of Our Traditions

Our Two School Teams


Gold Team vs. White Team

When students, teachers, and staff members join our community, each is assigned to either the Gold Team or the White Team. Team loyalties run deep and last for life!

Throughout the year, the Gold and White Teams earn points for various achievements and activities. In May, we announce the winning team, which earns the banner...and bragging rights.

Gold-White frenzy reaches its peak during our semiannual Gold-White Weeks, held in the fall and winter. Events include fun dress days, a pep rally, and an athletic match-up (field hockey in the fall and basketball in the winter), and throughout it all, our students' school spirit, creativity, and enthusiasm are overflowing.

Caroline '19
White Team Pep 'n Spirit, Three Sport Athlete
"Gold-White is my favorite Visi tradition! I love that there is so much history and such a positive rivalry kept alive for so many years."
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The one thing I will remember most from my time at Visitation is winning Marshmallow Roast with my whole class, right after singing our senior class song together. After four years, this final victory was amazing!