Sisters in Spirit...and Life


Visi girls are friends and fans, classmates and teammates, companions and confidants. While striving for their personal best, they collaborate and support one another, creating a tight community where all are embraced and each can shine. Here, optimism and compassion are contagious.

This positive tone is set by the Sisters and nurtured by teachers who are committed to understanding and educating girls in the ways they learn best—through relationships. Being in an all-girls school has distinct advantages. Visi girls are free to be whoever they want to be...and to be themselves. By trying new and difficult things, they learn how to navigate disappointment and develop the resilience that results in long-term success. They know that every girl can lead and achieve in her own way, boosted by newfound friends who become lifelong sisters.

Sisterhood In the Words of Charlotte Sendi '17

My favorite things about Visitation are the friendships and class unity that grow. The people I have met here are amazing and make me want to be the best and most positive person I can possibly be. Sheridan Monroe '18

Visitation Voices

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Frances '20
Service Aficionado
"At Marshmallow Roast, I had so much fun just being with my friends and laughing around the campfire."
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Caroline 19
Caroline '19
White Team Pep ‘n Spirit
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Senam '19
Junior Class President, Kaleidoscope Member

"As Junior Class President, I am so excited to have a greater role in my grade as a whole, especially in a year as meaningful as junior year. I hope to be a good leader and a better sister to all my Visitation sisters."

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Charlotte 20
Charlotte '20
Model UN Member

"The students make me feel like I am part of one big family."
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