Personal Counseling

students working in the library

Our Personal Counseling Office supports student well-being and healthy adolescent development through a comprehensive program that focuses on each grade level's specific needs. This program, which works in tandem with our College Counseling Program, includes group and individual meetings with students, as well as events and guest speakers.

Whether counseling a student one-on-one or working with freshman and sophomore counseling groups, our two counselors operate from a wellness model that addresses intellectual, spiritual, creative, physical, and social components of the whole person, using reflection, discussion, and activities. They work to involve all parts of the school community in fostering healthy development and emphasize a collaborative approach with families. Visitation parents may contact the office at any time, whether regarding day-to-day matters or more serious concerns. Our counselors provide confidential and continuing support for students and families exploring personal issues, challenges, and dilemmas.

Grade-Level Details

The Counseling Program begins before students even enter Visitation—when incoming "Little Sisters" receive letters from their "Big Sisters" introducing them to school life, learning, and traditions—and continues working with girls as they advance through all four grades.