Students Spearhead New Clubs for 2018-2019

An annual event, today’s Club Fair in the Fisher Center allowed students to sign up for both Wednesday and after-school clubs; with more than 70 clubs to choose from, there was no lack of opportunities and interests represented. This year, twelve new or re-invigorated clubs joined the list.

Each year, English Teacher and Dean of Faculty Christine McGovern teaches A Tale of Two Cities to her sophomores. She also teaches them know to knit as part of the unit, as knitting is a important motif in the novel. It’s been a special tradition for students in her classes. Born from this class, the Knitting Club will offer all a chance to learn and grow in this craft under the tutelage of Mrs. McGovern and other campus knitters.

Our BEDA Club (Building, Engineering, Design, and Architecture Club) this year will meet on Wednesdays, as well as homeroom for the first time. Students who participate will not only have the opportunity to learn from their moderator, science and math teacher and former structural engineer Katie Jakubowski, but also have the chance to learn first-hand from the construction of Berchmans Hall and the Saints Connector, and get involved in the building process. 

Students often visited math teacher Robert Aronstam’s classroom during lunch to work on tanagrams; he’s making the activity official with a Tanagrams & Tesselations Club for students after school. These puzzles help students learn problem-solving. He’s also re-invigorating our coding and computer science club, Cubs Who Code. 

Club and Leadership Coordinator Lisa Singleton notes, “Not everyone can hold an elected office, and clubs give students a chance to organize and plan something they are really interested in.” 

Below is a list of all the new clubs that will kick off next week:

  • B.A.G. (Books Are Great) Club
  • Constitution Club
  • Cubs Who Code
  • Knitting Club
  • Random Acts of Kindness Club
  • Fashion Upcycle
  • Golf Club
  • Project Success Uganda
  • Tanagrams & Tesselations
  • Teen Cancer Awareness
  • Vegan Eats and Education
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