Students Inducted into Foreign Language Honor Societies

This week, the French and Spanish Honor Societies welcomed nearly 50 students who have excelled academically in the foreign language program. Both societies held induction ceremonies on Tuesday, celebrating with students and their families.

Visitation's French Honor Society (Société Honoraire de Français) is sponsored by French teacher Elizabeth Lucia and was co-founded by former French teacher and current foreign language learning support Claire Brinkmann. The Society’s goal is to inspire students to reach the highest level of French proficiency.

New members were selected based on eligibility requirements established by the national organization. Each member added her name to the Society’s membership book, where it now appears alongside all past members’. The French Honor Society welcomed:

  • Blaine Beyene
  • Marianna Bonilla
  • Isabella Camp
  • Blaise Castro
  • Francesca de Michele
  • Emma Kirby
  • Mary Kozeny
  • Sarah Manzano Davila
  • Maddie McBeath
  • Elizabeth Mohler
  • Natalie Pierce
  • Lucia Rathke
  • Callie Reing
  • Emily Reischauer
  • Catalina Torres
  • Alexandra Watson
  • Saleilona Williams

Visitation's Spanish Honor Society (SHS), sponsored and founded by longtime Spanish teacher Christy Joria, was named a Chapter of the Year by Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica last year. With Christy’s encouragement and support, students have won SHS scholarships for immersion trips to Spanish-speaking countries, have been published in the Society’s scholarly journal, and have chosen to pursue careers that rely on the Spanish language.

The ceremony concluded with SHS student officers leading the induction ceremony in Spanish, which included each new member lighting a candle to signify life and the inspiration to reach new heights.

Inductees include:

  • Kira Alaniz
  • Tohfe Beidas
  • Emily Bratti
  • Maggie Caulfield
  • Lucy Cook
  • Caroline DeLuca
  • Grace Dwyer
  • Kailey Fitzgerald
  • Caroline Holman
  • Maddie Horrigan
  • Alexa Iglesias
  • Emily Kwiatowski
  • Katy MacLennan
  • Claire McKeon
  • Ellie Mitchell
  • Reilly Mulcahy
  • Bridget Neill
  • Azure Onyewu
  • Olivia Ott
  • Rachel Pineda
  • Isabel Pinnell
  • Chapin Rockwell
  • Ellie Rubin
  • Lizzie Rusnak
  • Viana Schlapp
  • Fiona Schultz
  • Anna Tuohey
  • Isa Western
  • Carolina Zubler

Congratulations, all!

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