Students Gain Medical Experience and College Insights at Summer Program

How do you save lives and change the world? Ask one of the 20 Visitation students who attended the Advanced Medical & Public Health Summit at Georgetown University this summer to learn how they can make a global impact in medicine.

Beverly Udegbe '19 said of the experience: “I truly feel that I have gained a strong foundation in the medical field.”

In a week-long program, high school students from around the country studied the six most prevalent diseases affecting the population of Sub-Saharan Africa, chose and trained in a specialized field of medicine, became certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED, and examined and diagnosed a patient in Africa.

“This was my first time attending classes that were specifically geared towards medical issues and I believe this provided great insight into some of the topics I will cover in the future,” said Beverly. She studied malaria, typhoid, anemia, and acute respiratory infections. “I was really intrigued by malaria because it’s an illness that plagues much of the developing world, specifically the country where I’m from, Nigeria.”

Participants in the program also get a feel for college life, living and learning at Georgetown University. “I learned how to adapt to a larger lecture-style environment,” said Beverly, which she feels is key as she begins the college application process this fall. 

Beverly is confident in the skills she learned this summer, and eager to put them to use. “I loved learning about anemia because it’s an illness that seems to be common in our society and community,” she said. “With my newfound knowledge, I could easily diagnose [a patient].”

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