Students Collect a Record-Breaking 45,000+ Cans During Gold-White

Canning is an annual tradition during Fall Gold-White. Last year, the school donated about 35,000 cans to area food banks and organizations; students this year broke the record, collecting nearly 46,000 cans.

With multiple vans and cars completing daily trips to area food banks, students collected enough cans to fill 22 area food banks, said Director of Christian Service Lisa Stacy. "It was a beautiful sight, the girls just kept coming with bags after bags; it seemed never ending,” said Ms. Stacy. "We are not Jesus feeding the thousands with fishes and loaves, but maybe someone benefiting from our canned food drive will see Jesus in us." The school has worked with organizations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia to donate cans before Thanksgiving each year. 

After the Pep Rally on Saturday, Head of School Dan Kerns announced that White Team had won the canning challenge. 


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