Students Build Endurance and Confidence with ‘Morris Muscle’ Program

Twelve weeks. Three days each week. One hour each day. That’s Morris Muscle - Physical Education and Wellness teacher McNevin Morris’ ‘98 winter training program. It started four years ago, when Director of Athletics Zeff Yusof asked McNevin to take it on. 

The program grew “out of the need of girls who wanted to get in shape over the winter either to prepare for a spring sport or have something to structure their time after school,” said McNevin. “It’s a combination of strength training and speed training, endurance, high-intensity interval training, and then fun stuff like playing Ultimate Frisbee, or hitting the Exorcist stairs.”

There are 27 students across all four grade levels in Morris Muscle this year, which runs from Thanksgiving until the last Thursday in February.

“I’ve just found that everyone says, ‘Yes, I’m going to get in shape on my own,’ but it helps to have someone to keep you accountable, to give you the workout, to encourage you and tell you how to do it,” said McNevin. “It also helps to have the camaraderie, and to work out with other people.”

What McNevin loves most about her role is coaching. Before her oldest son was born eight years ago, McNevin was the head lacrosse coach at Visitation. “I missed that team environment, but this is the perfect way to do it, three days a week, one hour after school, and I’m helping them reach their goals and seeing them improve,” she said. 

McNevin shared a sample workout below:


You complete ten of each exercise to start, then nine, and work your way down to one of each.

  • Burpees
  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Squats
  • Stairs (100-yard sprint)
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