Sophomores Discover the History of Washington

Our sophomores participated in a day of exploration of D.C. neighborhoods last week, visiting locations including H Street Corridor, Brookland, and U Street Corridor, to learn about the history of each neighborhood. It was the first field trip of its kind and expanded upon the evening plans for the class' annual Sophomore Spectacular. 

History Department Chair Jane Hannon led faculty outings over the summer to plan for the field trip. "Visitation initiated this outing to enable the sophomores to engage in-depth with the richness and diversity of our D.C. location," she said. "We strive to empower our students to appreciate the connections between their classroom learning and the real world implications of the topics they study."

Lulu Carter '20 found the trip both fun and a great learning experience. "[It was] an eye-opening experience as we got see our city in a new light, diving deeper into our past, and exploring the endless possibilities of our city's future," she said.

The walking tours are a prelude to Sophomore Service Day, which takes place in the spring, when students will venture out to serve in the city and reflect on how it relates to their faith. Some students are already making those connections; the group that explored Brookland had the opportunity to visit the National Basilica.

"I had no idea how many inspirational people lived so close to me," said Abby Scheibel '20, adding that it was wonderful "to experience the presence of God in the community surrounding the National Basilica."

Some photos below are from their travel.

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