One Goal at a Time: Lacrosse Team Raises Funds for Pediatric Cancer Research

Hayes Anderson ‘19 and Allison Baldwin ‘21 are leading the varsity lacrosse team this season in fundraising for pediatric cancer research through Alex’s Lemonade. So far, the teens have helped raise around $2,000, and they’re only halfway through the season.

Their fundraising page, “Visitation Lacrosse for Kelly,” states the team’s mission: “We are fundraising in honor of Kelly Brodnik [‘21], a member of our Visitation community who passed away earlier this year from pediatric cancer. We want to raise money so that other schools, friends, teachers, and families don't have to lose amazing people like Kelly.”

Allison got the idea after attending a #KellyStrong basketball game played by Mallory Brodnik, Kelly’s sister, in which she raised funds based on the number of points she scored throughout the season for Thomas Jefferson High School. 

Allison plays defense for the lacrosse team, so she asked her teammates to help. The Cubs have so far scored 111 goals this season, well on their way to 250, the goal set through Alex’s Lemonade.

Unlike Allison, who was a friend and classmate to Kelly, Hayes did not know Kelly as well, but she jumped in to put the idea into action, setting up the fundraising website. “We have so much friendship,” said Hayes of her lacrosse team and the Visitation community. “We can try to make a difference. We can help a bigger cause.”

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