New Coaches Hit the Courts & Fields for Visi This Fall

Visitation welcomes a triumvirate of coaches to our fields and coaches this fall.

Alicia Blanding takes the helm of our volleyball program. Coach comes to Visi from Holy Cross Regional School in Lynchburg and looks to bring a style of play that will have our team very much on the front foot.

Our new tennis coach, Prang Pantusart, spent years as a ranking junior player and captain of her collegiate team at the University of Akron. Her experience is the perfect combination for high school tennis, where individual achievement must be married to a strong team ethic for overall success.

Finally, Shamsiya Shervani - or Coach S as the girls call her - will be on the sideline for the field hockey program. Her time in USA Futures Hockey has already served her and her staff well, with a record of over 70 girls trying out for the program this year.

Good luck to all our coaches and student-athletes over the fall season!

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