Neuroscience Students Kickstart Brain Study with Dissection

Dr. Nancy Cowdin's neuroscience students got hands-on with their subject matter last week, dissecting a sheep brain to identify its parts. It's an early lab that is valuable to students' understanding of what they'll study over the next academic year.

"As the sheep dissection was my first lab in Neuroscience class, it was incredibly fascinating to have a live view of how the brain works," said Sobi Mere '22. "Once we located the various parts of the sheep brain, we were then able to identify its significance and how each part contributed to its overall function. Understanding the unique characteristics of the basis of the brain gave me a deeper understanding of not only how it connects to every aspect of human life, but how we can utilize that knowledge to create new medications that treatments vital to our well being."

Students dissect sheep brain in Neuro
Students dissect sheep brain in Neuro



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