Meet Carolyn Fay

One of the highlights of Carolyn Fay's job is teaching both freshmen and seniors - meaning she has the opportunity to see them at both the beginning and end of their Visitation careers. She loves getting to see how the girls have grown and matured academically and personally: how a shy freshman becomes confident in the classroom, how a student who may have struggled in a skill has made progress, and how their personalities shift as they grow their sense of self. 

Why she loves seeing that growth becomes clear when you learn what Carolyn is most passionate about: psychology, which she teaches to seniors in an AP-level course and infuses into her Global Patterns I class with freshmen.

A psychology major, Carolyn chose to teach when she graduated college, feeling she would reach a larger number of students through education than counseling. "I could teach what I love, and hopefully inspire meaningful change within the world through that," she said. "Making sure people are educated and understand the world around them levels the playing field and ensures the next generation is ready to rise to the challenges they face."

Carolyn fell in love with Visitation after her interview. She's been a part of the faculty for six years. "The girls make coming to work a rewarding experience each day. They are enthusiastic to learn and build each other up," she said. "All of the faculty members are extremely hardworking and some of the best educators I've ever met. If I had a daughter, I can't think of a better place to send a girl."

It's no wonder her favorite Little Virtue is thoughtful concern for others. "I think it's the golden rule," said Carolyn. "Part of what we learn in Global Patterns I and AP Psych is that being empathetic and caring to others is the mark of good character."

Both classes allow her the opportunity to teach topics she loves. Carolyn is passionate about the entire AP Psychology curriculum and enjoys bringing current events into Global Patterns I so that students see the connection between ancient world history (why Mesopotamia matters now) and today. At the end of the day, she said, "I like creating intellectual curiosity that will hopefully stay with them through their academic career."

Outside of the classroom, Carolyn exercises her mind and body. She tries new recipes, watches Jeopardy, does crosswords, and reads often, but she can also be found doing CrossFit or running. 

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