Macroeconomics Students Travel to New York Stock Exchange

by Will Farquhar, Macroeconomics Teacher

In mid-December, twenty-two Macroeconomics students headed out of DC for a day-long field trip to New York City. Their destinations were the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and a lunch with Terri Bullock ’11.

At the Exchange, the group met with Paul Dorfman, who reviewed the ideas of a publicly traded company and the benefits (and drawbacks) of a listing on the Exchange. The girls then headed to the trading floor itself, where Thomas McLaren, a trader, explained some of the mechanics of his job, including how traders deal with order imbalances and end-of-the-day trading. From there, it was on to lunch with Terri Bullock ’11, who works at UBS Securities in New York. Bullock explained some aspects of her current job, including attributes needed for a career in finance (especially in wealth management) and some of the intangible benefits of work in her field.

In an interesting coincidence, both Dorfman and Bullock gave similar advice. Each emphasized the benefits of networking – both for finding a job and for success on a given career path. (Bullock specifically praised the community of Visi alumnae.) Each also mentioned that a career path is not a “straight line”: there might be different types of jobs before someone settles into a career that fits her. And each one mentioned the importance of “showing up” and doing the work – that flashiness is not always a short cut to success.

The students want to point out that spirits remained high throughout the entire trip, despite an illegally parked car forcing the group into a two-hour delay on the return trip.

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