Love and Laughter Abound at Junior Ring Ceremony

On Thursday, March 8, the Class of 2019 celebrated an annual Visitation tradition: Junior Ring Ceremony. The program included a reflection by staff member Ms. Patricia Jones, speaking at the request of the junior class, and an address by class president Senam Adedze. For the first time, the girls received their rings in an "unbroken circle," such that each girl alphabetically received her ring from another member of the class. After each ring was given, the girls shared hugs--or were more creative with their exchanges to the laughter of their classmates--and exited the stage for the next ring to be offered. 

Senam said during her remarks, "We wear these rings as a symbol to remind us that we have a home here, one we can always turn to in times of need. Visitation isn’t the sort of place you can just leave and never look back. Our rings will remind us that we are not alone."


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