Leadership: Class of 2022 Elects Officers

The freshman class elected its student government and athletic association officers on Friday, November 16. Elections for sophomore, junior, and senior class officers occurred in the spring of last year. The class of 2022 elected nine of their classmates to fill positions.

Maia Morrell ‘22 was elected president and is looking forward to leading her class. “I am extremely excited to build friendships with all of my classmates in and out of school,” she said. Her first big goal? To plan a special Snowflake, the student-organized freshman winter dance, for her class. “Our entire grade will have the opportunity to be together outside of an academic environment … everyone will be able to be part of a collective project that we will celebrate in the end.”

Below is a list of all freshman class officers:

  • President, Maia Morrell
  • Vice President, Joella Kiondo
  • Secretary, Lili Grant
  • Treasurer, Ella O
  • SGA Representative, Megan Pfohl
  • Honor Board, Louisa Cave and Bridget Keon
  • Gold Team Pep N Spirit, Jane Newell
  • White Team Pep N Spirit, Lulu Carter        
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