Freshman Class Thanks Facilities Team with Generous Gifts

After a most unusual school year, freshman Chloe Morton has been extremely grateful to start her Visitation experience here on 35th Street. As Christmas approached, she had an idea: why not thank the hardworking Visitation employees who made that possible -- the facilities team. Chloe connected with her fellow class officers and they launched a fundraiser with a goal of collecting $400 to split among the team members. They raised over $2,000.

Today, the freshman class officers gave each facilities team member $120 as a special Christmas gift from the class.

"I'm really excited to be in-person this year, enjoying a mostly normal freshman year at Visitation," said Chloe. "I'm grateful to the facilities team for all the hard work they have done and do each day to ensure we can have a happy, healthy, and safe freshman year."

Chloe's grandfather was part of the custodial staff at a university, working tirelessly so that his son, Chloe's father, could be the first person in their family to attend college. As a result, Chloe has a deep understanding of the mission-critical role that facilities team members have on schools and institutions. 

Kudos to the freshman class for their thoughtfulness and generosity and thank you to every one of our hard-working facilities team members!



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