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Exploring the Bay: AP Environmental Science Travel to the Chesapeake

Last Friday, AP Environmental Science (APES) classes, led by longtime science faculty Eileen Perkins, traveled to the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center. Students had the opportunity to make a connection between what they were learning in class and its real-life applications. They learned from experts, kayaked the waters, waded in the bay to investigate its inhabitants, and more. 

Caroline McGuinness '20 said, "It’s so important APES is able to go on the trip and see firsthand what we are learning about in class. We learned about what submerged aquatic vegetation is, and then were able to actually see and touch examples ... This is the best way to learn." Her favorite moment from the unusually hot fall day was jumping into the Chesapeake Bay with a friend, after wading in the water "catching fish, clear shrimp, and tiny crabs."

Photos from the trip (taken by math faculty Bob Aronstam) are in a slideshow below.

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