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Environmental Club Hosts First Reuse Boutique Sale

Dr. Nancy Cowdin, science teacher and Environmental Club moderator, looked at her closet and thought to herself, “There’s a lot that I’m not using.” That was the seed for the club’s first “reuse boutique” sale, for which they collected student donations and set up shop in the Dance Studio. 

It was the club’s first time planning the event. “It exceeded my expectations,” said Nancy. “I didn’t anticipate so many people bringing clothes … I had kids there whom I’d never met who were shopping and thought it was the greatest thing ever.”

The sale raised $300, which Nancy donated to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, where students travel for an annual service trip, serving the people of the Lakota tribe. She also donated the remainder of the clothes to Unwavering Champions for Children and Families. Nancy ran into a woman there and said it was “providence,” as the woman works with foster children, many of whom are teenage girls, and she was thrilled for the donation.

While she was excited to donate the proceeds to Pine Ridge, Nancy said, “Our focus wasn’t on making money, but raising consciousness. We need to simplify. Every time we buy something new there are greater, negative impacts than we know.” 

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