English Teacher Anna Royal Attends National Summer Seminar

English Teacher Anna Royal was selected as one of 16 teachers to participate in a summer seminar supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Studying classic texts and their adaptions, Ms. Royal participated in a three-week, stipended program at the University of California.

The seminar focused on Jane Eyre and Great Expectations, as well as adaptions - movies, plays, and other novels - of these texts. "The thesis was really the benefit of focusing on a core text and re-reading it through different perspectives," Royal said. 

Her fellow English teachers asked and discussed the question: what makes an adaption? "What's core to the text? Is it the theme? Is it the characters?" Royal shared. "It was great to have a group of people who are excited about literature, specifically the literature that I like."

Royal plans to take what she learned this summer into the classroom at Visitation with her students. "There was a lot of pedagogical lessons on how to use text in interesting ways," she said. 

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