Empowering Female Athletes, Visitation Celebrates Renovated Fitness Center

When students returned to campus this fall, they discovered a fresh, inviting new fitness center on the second floor of Fisher. Thanks to the generosity of Rory and Nancy Coakley (Nancy Keegan ‘78), Visitation was able to completely overhaul the fitness center. While open to students in October, the center celebrated a community blessing and opening ceremony before Gold-White last weekend.

With feedback from the physical education team, coaches, and students, Visitation designed the space for all Cubs, not just active participants in Visitation’s top-flight athletics program. In an interview with the Wicket, Assistant Athletic Directory Amy Devere said, "The equipment is very user-friendly, so we hope it accommodates the needs of athletes and non-athletes alike."

The new center is designed for the specific needs of teenage women, with machines and equipment that offer a wide-range of options. From exercise balls to free weights, the refreshed space offers a suite of tools to help students tone and strengthen regardless of their fitness level. 

New impact-resistant flooring provides a resilient surface to cushion athletes as they workout, while a “cardio wall” of eleven high-tech machines - treadmills, cross trainers, and bikes - enables young women to plug-in their phones for interactive fitness sessions. 

Visitation’s TRX system of suspension trainers allows individuals to tailor their workout to their individual goals - whether that is improving flexibility, strength, core, heart health, or endurance - using their own body weight as resistance.

Despite all of the new offerings, the space will still feature open space for yoga, dance, and group training. Beyond updating the center itself, Visitation has installed performance flooring throughout the second floor, further expanding the usable fitness space.

“Our goal is to offer access and inspiration for all of our students to create a fitness routine that supports their mental and physical health and wellbeing,” noted Director of Athletics Zeff Yusof. “From the new AV system to the clean aesthetic to the range of easy-to-use equipment, the refreshed fitness center will be a welcoming space for everyone on campus.”

Athletic Association president Bridget Keon '22 told the Wicket, "I'm so excited that there [is] a space where students are excited to work out in. This renovation has definitely been a long time coming, so we can't wait to hear what everyone thinks."

Additional reporting from Maeve Tuohey '22, Sports & Health editor of the Wicket


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