Down By the Bay: AP Environmental Science Gets Hands-On

Thirty AP Environmental Science (APES) students headed to the Chesapeake Bay last week to learn more about its ecosystem. Led by Science Department Chair Eileen Perkins, students explored the bay, wading into its waters and kayaking together. 

Victoria Foley '19 said, "It’s really important for APES students to have this trip because we not only get to see the amazing ecosystem close to us, but we also observe how pollution hurts the environment firsthand." 

Fr. Patrick Kifolo, Director of Campus Ministry, joined the trip as a chaperone. "It's a very solid, experiential visual, by way of what happens with the marsh area protecting the bay, and learning what we want to preserve," he said. 

Students discussed the variety of birds, animals, and plants that live on the Chesapeake Bay, and talked about how crucial the health of the bay is. "What really interests me about environmental science is the biodiversity within our oceans, lakes, and streams," said Victoria. "It’s important for me to understand how minor pollutants can significantly impact our oceans. Studying APES gives me the foundation necessary to tackle this modern problem."

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