Daniel Petri Named to National Constitution Center Teacher Advisory Council

History teacher Daniel Petri was named to the National Constitution Center's first cohort of its Teacher Advisory Council, offering his expertise to improve and create resources for educators across the country.

The National Constitution Center provides resources for educators to advance students' understanding of the Constitution and citizenship. Petri has often looked to them for resources in teaching his classes at Visitation, which include AP Comparative Politics, AP American Government, and Global Patterns.

"I think that the Center does a fantastic job of integrating a variety of perspectives into their material that they make available to educators," said Petri. "They do a great job of promoting constitutional literacy and encouraging civil discussions about the Constitution--things that I care deeply about and try to instill in my students."

The Teacher Advisory Council is a brand-new initiative by the National Constitution Center; Petri is thrilled to be a part of the first cohort of educators offering their perspectives.

"I will get to interact and engage with other teachers from across the country; we will share resources and teaching tips," he said. "Additionally, we will be a part of the review and creation of materials for the National Constitution Center, so we can all contribute to the Center's work in creating knowledgeable, active, and engaged citizens."

While Petri is excited to collaborate with expert educators, he is also excited about what serving on the Council will mean for his government students. "I will have access to scholars who are associated with the National Constitution Center and they are available to give talks and presentations to my students," he said. "Getting to expose my AP Gov students to these scholars will be great for them so they can hear from diverse experts in the content areas that we are studying."

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