"Como agua para Chocolate": Spanish Students Experience Immersive Theater Opportunity

Honors IV and AP Spanish students took a trip to GALA Hispanic Theater to see "Como agua para Chocolate" ("Like Water for Chocolate") - last week; the play, an adaptation of the novel by Laura Esquivel, was presented in Spanish with English subtitles. Set during the Mexican Revolution, the play tells the story of a young girl, constrained by family traditions, who yearns to break free.

Sofia Lang '19 attended the field trip along with more than 50 other students. "I loved it and was surprised that I loved it so much ... The plot had so many different parts to it; it kept you on your toes," she said.

Through both sadness and humor, the play explored the tension between traditional roles and modernity, said Sofia. Following the play, the classes held a discussion about the main character's role, and whether she could be seen as feminist. It was a moment of controversy for her class, Sofia explained. Many classmates felt that by wanting to make her own choices and often ignoring what men requested of her, the main character could be seen as feminist. Sofia feels differently; rather than seeing it as only breaking gender stereotypes, she sees the main character as breaking family traditions and choosing to not obey an older generation in order to experience the life she wants. 

In the beginning of the play, Sofia often relied on the English subtitles to understand the plot, but once she got into it, "I started to hear and understand it in Spanish," she said. To Sofia, that met the field trip's purpose - to immerse students in the richness of the Spanish language and culture. 

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