Cohort Gold-White Celebrations Harken to Headquarters of the Past

While the traditional Gold-White pep rally and games are on hold due to health restrictions, Visitation could not let this fall go by without a little friendly rivalry between the tigers and the bears. The Athletic Association (AA) officers, in partnership with school administration, helped to plan Gold-White spirit weeks to allow all students to experience the joy of headquarters, a little closer to home.

"Obviously, all of the Athletic Association wishes that we could have our Fall Gold-White as planned, but we are all working our hardest to create an experience for the whole school. In my past three years at Visitation, headquarters has helped me to make life-long friendships with girls in all different grades," said Grace Stanton '21, AA President. "The AA and I know how important these connections are in truly making the Visi experience. Although Gold-White is not at all in the way I had imagined for my senior year, AA is hoping to replicate that experience at Visitation. We all hope that painting sweatshirts and learning classic cheers will bond the girls with their team and help them to form relationships with the girls they may not have met yet. 

Over the past three weeks, all students had the opportunity during co-curriculars or after school to participate in Gold-White festivities, learning traditional cheers, painting sweatshirts, and hanging out with girls across grade levels in their cohort. The GVPA also provided Gold-White treats to each student.

Team headquarters in recent years - for painting sweatshirts, practicing cheers, designing costumes, and general team bonding - have taken place at the home of one student representing her team. In the past, however, headquarters took place on campus. This fall's "retro" theme harkens back to early Gold-Whites. 

In 2018, the Wicket published an "evolution of Gold-White through the ages." To learn how the tradition has shifted and hear from alumnae, view the article here.

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