Artist Rebecca Kamen Speaks On Crisis, Curiosity, and the Creative Process

Artist Rebecca Kamen returned to Visitation last week through the Women Who Make a Difference Speaker Series sponsored by the St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center; she spoke about crisis, curiosity, and the creative process. Her work focuses on the intersection between science and art.

"Rebecca's work is amazing. She sculpts models of biochemical structures and cells that can only be seen using electron microscopy, adding her artistic perspective, so the product is truly beautiful and vividly colorful," said Science Department Chair Eileen Perkins. "Her technique allows her to illustrate these extremely delicate structures true to their form."

Kamen shared work she's done specific to the pandemic and coronavirus, which Perkins was especially interested in - "I definitely want to look at it again," she said.

Director of the St. Jane de Chantal Center Olivia Wills Kane '85 was excited to bring Kamen back to Visitation, who last spoke here in 2017 about the intersection of art, science, and spirituality. 

"Ms. Kamen is such a relevant voice for our students and faculty and staff to hear at this moment in time. Her innate curiosity about - and sense of wonder in - the human brain and the human spirit offer a positive example for how we, too, can live through change and/or crisis and retain or reclaim joy," said Kane. "She’s also such a collaborative researcher and artist, and I believe it’s important to see the power of relationships in science and art as well as spirituality."

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