AP Government Students Meet the Press

Visitation's AP Government students attended a live taping of NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday. Following the taping, the class participated in an exclusive Q&A discussion with the host Chuck Todd.

Yada Intarapanich '20 found the experience both "enlightening and memorable." Particularly, she enjoyed discussing Todd's perspective on how increased polarization in politics has influenced "a death in civil discourse" and a "growing emphasis on debate." Yada reflected, "I regularly watch political news shows, but witnessing the behind-the-scenes production enriched my understanding of how much goes into maintaining objectivity in the era of horse-race journalism."

Alenna Zweiback '20 praised Todd's equable presentation of truth. "The information he delivers is monumental to our active participation as citizens - one wrong word can lead to mass hysteria or bias," she said. "Being up-close to someone with the weight of American democracy on their shoulders was extremely meaningful."


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