Anatomy & Genetics Class Dives Into Timely Vaccine Project

Students in Dr. Mark Pennybacker's Anatomy & Genetics class got a timely crash course on vaccines this winter, just in time for the approved Covid-19 vaccine distribution to begin. 

Pennybacker assigned students scientific articles to analyze on topics ranging from the pros and cons of oral vaccines to how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work; they then presented their knowledge to the class. Each student also produced her own cartoon to visually explain what they had learned and educate the community on vaccine development and efficacy. 

"This project demonstrated the importance of informing yourself and sharing that information with the community around you," said Blain Beyene '21, noting that that its timeliness increased the project's importance. She had two key takeaways from the project: "Firstly, I learned that no topic is too complicated for us to understand. Researching about vaccines and how they help one gain protection from an illness seems to be an incomprehensible feat. However, with a little motivation and a lot of collaboration, my classmates and I were able to fully understand and share that knowledge. With that, the second takeaway is that we are obligated to share our skills and talents with our community. As we neared the end of the project, we realized the importance of sharing this priceless information with our school and families so that we can all become more knowledgeable and confident in the science that can lead us out of the pandemic."

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