Down by the Bay: Environmental Science Students Explore Chesapeake

Last Friday, AP Environmental Science (APES) classes, led by longtime science faculty Eileen Perkins, traveled to the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center. Students had the opportunity to make a connection between what they were learning in class and its real-life applications. They learned from experts, kayaked the waters, investigated the Bay's inhabitants, and more. 

Maeve Tuohey '22 reveled in the opportunity to be outside on a beautiful day with so many of her classmates. "It felt like a sense of normalcy," she said, noting that she had not taken a field trip in nearly two years due to the pandemic. "It made it so special." She enjoyed kayaking with friends and seeing how excited the Center's staff was to have students learning on site.

"Our field trip showed me how unique and important each organism is to the Chesapeake Bay," said Abigail Torres '22. "We all have a part to play in the protection of the Bay, and by interacting with its habitants, I realized how critical it is that we preserve the Bay so that future generations will be able to enjoy its beauty as well."

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