Tips for Beating Exam Stress

10 Tips for Beating Stress

by Heidi Greenhalgh, School Nurse

  1. Practice good sleep hygiene - Sleep helps your brain to retain what you've learned during class and study time.
  2. Eat clean - Processed, "convenience" food is bad for your overall physical and mental health.
  3. Eat breakfast - Jump start your brain function and metabolism before you head to school.
  4. Drink water - You'll see benefits inside and out!
  5. Exercise - Exercise promotes the release of endorphins (happy hormones), releases adrenaline (mood-lifting hormone), and produces hormones that improve sleep.
  6. Practice self-care - Take breaks from studying to do something you enjoy.
  7. Breathe - Practice 4,7,8 breathing.
  8. Practice gratitude - Step away from stress and embrace a positive memory.
  9. Practice being in the present moment - Don't overwhelm yourself by looking too far into the past or future.
  10. Remember that tests do not define who you are.