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Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School

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Leadership Team

Board of Directors

While sustaining the unique history, character, and Salesian tradition of Georgetown Visitation, the Board is responsible for the operational integrity of the school and the visionary planning to ensure that the school remains strong both financially and academically.

2023-2024 Board Members

Kathleen Brogan '99

Julie O'Malley Moeller '93
Vice Chair

Sister Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM, ’48 & '50
President Emerita, Ex Officio

Dr. Barbara McGraw Edmondson
President, Ex Officio

Michael Bruckwick
William T. Crittenberger
Maureen Davenport '93
Leena Moore Donaldson '93
Veronica Dakita Ewald '89
James Gillespie
Ellen Miskovsky Kentz ’79, ACF Representative, Ex Officio
Shawn McLaughlin

Timothy Moran
Mother Anne Francis Ng'ang'a, VHM, Superior of the Monastery, Ex Officio 
Megan Lucey Rounsaville '99
Matthew Shank, Ph.D
Mark Tuohey
Brother Daniel P. Wisniewski, O.S.F.S., Ph.D.
Natasha Zech '95

Board of Directors 2021-2022



Georgetown Visitation is an independent Roman Catholic school that has been sponsored by the Georgetown Visitation Monastery since its founding in 1799. The Monastery role is one of oversight: to ensure that the school continues its mission and is in communion with the Church. As such, it has reserve powers over the Board of Directors, such as approval of board members and explicit responsibility for matters involving religious identity.

As they have for over 200 years, the Sisters of the Visitation are planning for the continued vitality of Georgetown Visitation for generations to come. One aspect of their planning relates to the Catholic sponsorship of the school. Under canon law, all Catholic schools are required to have a sponsor. Diocesan schools are sponsored by the diocese; Visitation has always been independent, sponsored by the Sisters of the Visitation.

In the event that the Monastery wishes to share or transfer sponsorship, canon law permits a group of lay people, called an Association of the Christian Faithful (ACF), to act as the canonical sponsor of a Catholic institution. The Monastery is forming a group of candidates that could become an ACF. When the ACF receives approval from Cardinal Gregory, it will begin working with the Monastery to sponsor the school. The creation of the Visitation ACF will not affect the Monastery at all. Even as the Sisters plan for the school’s future, they are also continuing their ministries and reaching out to women interested in joining their community. The Sisters embrace this joyful partnership as God’s good pleasure, the next step in a decades-long process of sharing responsibility for the school with lay brothers and sisters.

Learn more about Visitation's ACF