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Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School

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The challenges facing our young women are great, from social media to the pandemic to the normal stressors of adolescence. Likewise, her supports must be many and strong.

Visitation partners with families to foster our students' spiritual, emotional, intellectual, creative, physical, and social development and wellbeing. Our approach to wellness is rooted in partnership with families and in our faith.

With parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators working together as a team, we ensure each girl is both challenged and supported to be her best.

Anchored by our Catholic faith and animated by Salesian Spirituality, Visitation women value and cultivate authentic relationships with God, self, family, and friends.


Girls embrace as they walk through the quad

This support system of faith, self-awareness and confidence, and friendships helps each young woman grow her unique gifts and discern how they can enrich the world around her.

The faculty and staff at Visitation are dedicated to helping each young woman grow into her full potential. We work together to support each student's unique needs: listening to her, challenging her, and helping her develop the skills to flourish.

Physical fitness is vital to a healthy, balanced life. At Visitation, students are encouraged to learn about and move their bodies for a lifetime of wellness.

School Nurse Heidi Greenhalgh

Health Office

Our full-time School Nurse provides professional nursing care to our students and promotes a safe and healthy environment that contributes to academic success.

Her door is always open to assist with medication, support a student who takes ill, or answer girls' questions.

Community of Concern

Georgetown Visitation is a founding member of the Community of Concern, a nationally recognized program for the prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco useIt is a program begun by parents and is intended to help parents and students have meaningful conversations regarding the consequences of drug and alcohol use.

Learning Support

Visitation's Learning Support program teaches students how to be a reliable and organized. Students learn the importance of believing in ourselves, and keeping our academic performance in perspective. 

Personal Counseling

Our Personal Counseling Office supports student well-being and healthy adolescent development through a comprehensive program that focuses on each grade level's specific needs. 

Spiritual Life

As a Catholic school, faith is our cornerstone. We are guided by the gentle and practical Salesian Spirituality as we enrich each student’s life with a optimistic, holistic approach to her spiritual life.