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Visi4Life Brings Speakers to Campus to Inspire Before March
Leading up to the March for Life in Washington, the Visi4Life club held a rosary for the unborn, ran a diaper drive to help mothers in need, and hosted several speakers from Stanton International, which offers life-affirming healthcare for women.
Founder of Stanton International Brandi Swindell is no stranger to Visitation; she’s come to campus several times to speak during Visi4Life week. This, however, was the first time she brought along guest speakers - women whom she had helped since founding Stanton International.
“This is our moment to shine and be a voice for children in the womb,” said Swindell. Her goal is for every woman in post-Roe America to have life-affirming care.
“Ms. Swindell’s energy and passion for women’s rights was evident from the moment she began talking,” said Eleanor McNichols ‘23, one of the co-presidents of Visi4Life. “Several mothers and their children, many of whom had been pressured by their partners to have an abortion, were also present at the talk. Their personal stories of finding refuge at Stanton healthcare were incredibly powerful and showed just how important it is that women have access to the life-affirming services of centers like Stanton.”
One of the guest speakers was 14-year-old Paulina, who shared her story as the first baby delivered by Stanton, reading a letter she had written to Congress.
“Hearing from another high school student made a huge impact on many of the Visi girls who attended, including myself,” said McNichols.
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