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Visi Clubs Come Together to Spread Mental Health Awareness

Three Visitation student-led clubs - Morgan's Message, One Love, and Visi Minds Matter - together planned an assembly in honor of Mental Health Awareness month, which began on May 1. 

"There is a lack of understanding around mental health," said Jackie '24, co-president of One Love as she began the assembly, and pointed to the data that underscores the importance of talking about it: nearly 3 in 5 teenage girls in the U.S. feel persistently sad or hopeless, according to 2021 survey data recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – a 60% jump over the last decade. 

"Our goal is to raise awareness," she continued, "and highlight a few of the many resources out there."

Several students shared their personal stories around mental health. Takeaways included:

  • Not all struggles are visible, so check in with your friends.
  • Mental health should be taken as seriously as mental health.
  • Establish relationships with trusted people so that you can reach out.
  • Mental health seems like a taboo topic, but it is important to be open about it so we can end the stigma.
  • Have the courage to raise your hand and seek the help you deserve.

The clubs organized chalking the walk, healthy snacks, and lawn games for the community following the assembly. They also sold tee-shirts to fundraise for mental health organizations.