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Students Celebrate Friendship Through Gold-White Rivalry

While it might seem contradictory, nothing brings together Visitation students like our Gold-White rivalry. With headquarters open on campus all week long, students stayed late to decorate sweatshirts, design costumes, come up with creative posters and themed names for participants, and enjoy the camaraderie of their teammates. 

On Saturday, the rivalry was in full force as Gold and White Team cheerleaders, field hockey players, and Athletic Association officers streamed into the gym off the trolleys. They jumped through the Gold and White windows (an homage to the windows of the old gym) and launched into their cheers. 

Each team dressed the part, with Gold Team taking on the theme of Golden Airways as stewardesses, pilots, and more; White Team dressed as characters from Toy Story for their theme of You've Got a Friend in Me. 

Following the pep rally, President Barbara McGraw Edmondson announced the winner of the canning competition - a service project associated with Gold-White Week in which students collect canned donations for area food banks and pantries. More than 20,000 cans were collected, benefitting St. Francis de Sales Church Food Pantry, Manna Food, Arlington Food Assistance Center, Salem Baptist Church Food Pantry, Shepherd's Table, Little Sisters of the Poor, St. Augustine's Church Food Pantry, Fr. McKenna Center, and the John S. Mulholland Family Foundation, who distributed to five other food pantries. The White Team came out on top.

The field hockey game was a tough one, as White Team made one goal early on. Gold Team's players weren't able to get in a goal to tie the game; ultimately, White Team won the game 1-0. 

Check out highlights in the video here, and photos will be posted to Pixevety soon!