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Students and Faculty Travel to World Youth Day in Lisbon

A group of students and faculty traveled to World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal in early August. This every-four-year opportunity allows young Catholics around the world to come together and grow in their faith as a community.

Pope Francis spoke at the event, saying, "Let us all repeat this phrase in our hearts: 'Do not be afraid."

"World Youth Day is an incredible experience for our Visitation students, as you get the energy of 1.5 million young adults from around the world who are excited about the Catholic faith. The whole week included meeting people from many different countries, sharing prayer, chants and songs together," said Kati Krueger '95, math teacher, who chaperoned the trip. "It is a beautiful testament to how much unites us and to the power of the Holy Spirit's work in so many people. Being able to pray simultaneously with so many people is just a foretaste of heaven and it strengthens us for the journey still ahead of us in our earthly life."

Director of Campus Ministry, Casey de Franceaux '12, attended World Youth Day as a college student at Catholic University, traveling to Poland in 2016. She feels it is a meaningful experience for a young Catholic and chaperoned Visitation's trip as well. "I think every young Catholic should go to World Youth Day to see just how many of us there are and how the Church is young, vibrant, joyful, active, and beautiful," she said. "It really opens your eyes to the universality of and the diversity within the Catholic Church."

The next World Youth Day will be held in 2027 in South Korea.