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Sofia Recio-Reyes '26 Wins Award from Model UN Conference


Sophomore Sofia Recio-Reyes earned a Book Award for having the strongest arguments in her position paper representing the country of Suriname in the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean at the North American Invitational Model United Nations conference (NAIMUN). 

Sofia demonstrated exemplary skills in diplomacy, research, and public speaking at the NAIMUN conference. Representing Suriname at the ECLAC committee, Sofia showcased her depth of knowledge and strategic thinking as she tackled complex economic issues facing the Latin American and Caribbean region, specifically, indigenous health inequities and election security.

NAIMUN’s policies state that the Book Award “will be given in each committee to one delegate who is exceptionally well-researched, as demonstrated through their position paper and in-conference performance. Through this award, NAIMUN aims to expand the ways in which we recognize and reward delegates, particularly those who have proven that they understand both the meaning and real-world implications of their committee’s topics.”

Sofia's articulate and persuasive arguments stood out among the rest. Her ability to articulate Suriname's perspective, propose innovative solutions, and engage in constructive dialogue with fellow delegates earned her well-deserved recognition.

““I think that the supplemental research I did made it stand out,” said Sofia. “I presented a variety of solutions to each problem, too.” 

As a sophomore, this was only Sofia’s second NAIMUN conference. She hadn’t known what to expect as a freshman, but this year, she was prepared. She wanted to try for an award, through her representation of Suriname on paper and in person, with club-mate Lilian ‘26 - but she didn’t think anything would come from her paper, which she wrote during one very busy week. 

When Sofia learned of her award, “I was shocked,” she said.

Sofia was unable to attend the award ceremony and learned of her win through a friend. Model UN moderator and theology teacher Dr. Luke O’Connell ran up to the stage to represent her.

"Picture a room with hundreds of schools from all over the world and thousands of students. For Sofia competing as Suriname and Georgetown Visitation to be noted among the best is a tribute to Sofia's hard work," said O'Connell. "Two things make me exceptionally proud of her: initially, she carries on the legacy of Visitation Model UN legends like Barrett Fife, Lona Williams, and Genna Hayes winning awards at NAIMUN. Moreover, she did so at such a young age with many opportunities left for her to compete and lead."