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Rachel Jones ‘08 Named Visitation’s First Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Rachel Jones ‘08 returned to 35th Street in November 2021 in a new role: Georgetown Visitation’s first Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, responsible for creating and directing our diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and education for students, families, and faculty & staff. 

Informing all aspects of school life, from policy to curriculum to events, Rachel will help all members of our community embrace and live our Philosophy of Community Culture.

Head of School Dr. Barbara McGraw Edmondson underscored the importance of this new position: “Creating a community of support comprising kind, knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated individuals who work together to care for our students and support our mission is vital as we form the next generation of women of faith, vision, and purpose.”

Rachel has dedicated the last decade of her career to supporting educators and students in developing and deepening their leadership, critical consciousness, and sense of  empowerment, with a focus on equity, social justice and anti-oppression. Her undergraduate thesis focused on the racial formation of high school students at all-girls high schools, and how the peer-to-peer linkages within affinity clubs can expand students'  racial imaginations, academic achievements, and sense of self and belonging. 

“I want to help ensure Visitation students get even more resources and access to educators and  spaces that further their racial, diversity, and equity analysis,” shared Rachel. “When supportive adults create innovative learning experiences outside of the classroom, students can excel in high school and beyond.” 

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