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Mock Trial Club Tours Supreme Court

Visitation's Mock Trial Club, which began this year after student request under moderator and history teacher Ms. Liz Silver, J.D. '01, visited the Supreme Court last week. 

"It was a chance to learn firsthand how our government works and how the judicial branch exercises its role in the most important issues of our time," said Silver.

"You've seen the building; you've heard the cases, but I had never seen the inside and actual happenings," said member Carly Burstein '24. "It's crazy that it goes down in one room."

"One of the beautiful things is the lesson in holy friendship, echoing the Salesian theme for the year, as we learned how the justices devote so much time to their personal relationships to foster civility and understanding of diverse perspectives," said Silver.

Burstein commented on how her previous understanding of the Court was more based on party politics. "When you think of the Justices, I would think of ones appointed by a Republican president versus a Democratic present, and how that might dictate decisions. I would think it was a rivalry or competition, an us vs. them, liberals vs. conservatives," she said, "But the way it was described was that even though they all have different views and split decisions, they are still civil ... [they] show each other the respect they deserve."

"We're so lucky to be in the nation's capital, and it was special to see the girls get to learn firsthand from leaders of our country," shared Silver.

"[Our location in DC] is sometimes taken for granted," said Burstein. "I feel involved in politics. Living so close, it stresses how all of this relates to us because we see it happening right there, and we see the effects of it every day."