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Junior Class Celebrates Ring Ceremony

The junior class celebrated its ring ceremony in mid-March, gathering as a class in the Quadrangle while family, friends, and faculty lined the porches to watch. 

The event began with song as Mary Gormly and Maggie McCarthy singing "You've Got a Friend in Me," following by an opening prayer from Mother Anne-Francis blessing the class, and student speaker McKayla Paleologos. Keynote speaker, faculty member McNevin Molloy Morris '98, was chosen by the class to speak at the event. She called it an honor, and told the class:

2025 is a collective of young women who have helped shape you to become the person that you are. 2025 possesses the Little Virtues in great abundance. You have thoughtful concern for others. You’re generous, you’re kind, and you’re humble (sometimes) - the best thing about living the Little Virtues is that there is always room for improvement.

If you feel you haven’t been as kind or patient as you could have been there’s still time. If you haven’t been as loving to your classmates as you could have been - it’s never too late. St. Francis de Sales said “You learn to speak by speaking, to run by running, to work by working - and just so - you learn to love by loving.” Love your classmates with all of your heart for the remaining time you have here. 

Students then exchanged rings until each held her own special ring - with two things that remain the same, as Ms. Morris pointed out in her speech: a rendition of the school seal, and the class year. She encouraged students to think of the Georgetown Visitation logo, with the rays of light that are a part of it, and "make a pledge to BE a lighthouse in the world and to look for a lighthouse when you need it. Please know that Visitation will always be here, and we’ll be sure to keep on a light on for you."

The event closed with a conclusion from Mikayla Edmunds and the class singing along with guitar player Connie Bartoli Pinero to "Where you lead, I will follow."

Please enjoy a collection of photos below. All images are on Pixevety.