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Down by the Bay: Environmental Science Students Explore Chesapeake

AP Environmental Science students headed to the Chesapeake Bay this week to explore and experience life (and wildlife) in the water. 

Thomas spoke to continuing the field trip tradition as a learning experience for students: "Venturing out to the Chesapeake Bay and learning about the issues facing it is a great reminder that environmental problems aren't occurring 'somewhere else' - they are all around us."

Annie Eager '23 enjoyed the opportunity to see how to apply class work to the real world. "All of the volunteers at the conservation center were very helpful and excited to teach us about the current state of the bay as well as its past," she said. "It was a very hands -on field trip and we were able to observe the bay firsthand by both wading in the water to catch a variety of different organisms and kayaking to explore the bay from a different perspective." 

"Opportunities like this not only make what we talk about in class more relatable, they also help our students develop an appreciation for the natural world and our role in it," said Thomas.