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Black Women's Society Educates, Inspires at Annual Black History Month Assembly

Georgetown Visitation's Black Women's Society, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, hosted students and faculty for their annual Black History Month assembly in Nolan Center on February 23. Set to a "Family Feud" theme, host Steve Harvey, played by Rehema '25, had the audience traveling through time to meet seven different influential Black women/groups in history. 

Over the decades, students met:

  • Six Triple Eight (1940s) 
  • Claudette Colvin (1950s)
  • Katherine Johnson (1960s)
  • Angela Davis (1970s)
  • Aretha Franklin (1980s/90s)
  • Leah Chase (2000s); and
  • Simone Biles (2010s)

The audience had a chance to learn a little about each individual or group before Kimathi launched into questions that dove deeper into their impact as teams of "eager" underclasswomen and "confident" upperclasswomen battled it out for their trivia knowledge. Narrators offered additional information to educate.

Angela Davis, played by Alexandra '23 - activist and poet - shared how when she joined the civil rights movement, "I realized the division between men and women. The men expected us women to sit in the background and do the soft and domestic work ... but I don't wear my hair this big not to be seen." Jessica '24 read Davis' poem, For Every Woman, which ends with the words, "You are beautiful. Everything will be okay if you can believe in yourself. But most of all, please love yourself."

"Just remember, you are your best advocate," shared Simone Biles, played by Ava '26. 

Harvey/Kimathi concluded, "We hope you learned about the many contributions made by Black women throughout the years. And to anyone out there, regardless of race or gender, it is never to late or too early to have a huge impact on others."

The show took more than 30 BWS students to research, write, plan, perform, and manage the behind-the-scenes. 


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