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Art Show Celebrates Cubs' Talent, Hard Work
The breadth and depth of Visitation’s artistic talent was on display Wednesday afternoon as Art Department Chair Kelli Smith presided over Visitation’s annual Art Show. Faculty, students, and families gathered to appreciate the beautiful works that witness to the skills and perspective students have honed in Ms. Smith’s classes.
The afternoon concluded with awards in several categories. Kudos to all of our 2022 Art Show participants and award winners! 
1: Lily Sood, Girl with the Red Umbrella
2: Ella Turgeon, And Then There Were None
3: Caroline Whitty, Doors
Honorable Mention: Mary Williams, Bell Under Sunset
People’s Choice: Mary Bailey, Lighthouse in York, Maine
1: Bridget Glennon, Still Life Self Portrait
2: Bridget Glennon, Self Portrait
3: Grace Shank, Flower
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Krueger, Still Life with Gourd
People’s Choice: Clara Permuy, Pinecones
1: Bridget Glennon, Pointillism
2: Marley Daniel, Forest
3: Annika Peterson, Pinecone in Shadow
Honorable Mention: Campbell DeLuca, Pig
People’s Choice: Lily Nicholson, Pointillism
3-D/Mixed Media/Digital
1: Jill Hodges, Lake Placid
2: Lauren Wiggins, Flowers
3: Jacqueline Carroll, Yuka-k-uma
Honorable Mention: Christa Murphy, Sonder
People’s Choice: Maggie Foxman, Jewelry