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Amy Devere Honored as Dan Kerns Salesian Leadership Awardee

On Wednesday, Assistant Athletic Director, trainer, and teacher Amy Devere, who has worked at Visitation for more than two decades, was honored as the second annual Dan Kerns Salesian Leadership awardee. The award, named for former Head of School Dan Kerns, is presented annually to one faculty and/or staff member who has demonstrated their dedication to upholding Salesian values and virtues within the school community. 

Olivia Kane, Director of the St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center, said, "Salesian leadership is revealed in many ways and is not necessarily connected to a singular position, but more to the ways in which someone influences and inspires in the tradition of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal: showing respect and honor for the individual; embodying gentle strength; valuing personal contact, relationships and community; recognizing the gifts and talents of others and empowering them to share them; cultivating a spiritual life and encouraging it in others; and the striving to do the ordinary, extraordinarily well."

In presenting the award to Devere, her former colleague Dan Kerns said, "Ms. Devere always offers [a healing] touch in true Salesian fashion; with kindness, compassion and a wealth of the Little Virtues."

Devere is "a devoted and beloved member of our community whose vocation has been to play the long game: to be the quiet, steady, often early-morning and late-night behind the scenes presence of love, leaving an indelible imprint on ‘the minds and the hearts’ of a generation of Visitation women, inspiring countless colleagues to embrace their vocations as a sacred calling, bringing honor to the Sisters of the Visitation who have entrusted her to serve and lead in their name and who has, surely, brought glory to God," shared Kane.

Devere holds many official roles on campus in the Athletic Department, but is also the behind-the-scenes for traditions like Marshmallow Roast and Gold-White, moderating the Athletic Association who plans these events for the school community. She has chaperoned countless Kairos retreats, remaining integral to students' guidance as they grow closer to God and one another.

Kane and Kerns both referenced her apprenticeship and friendship with Sr. Mary de Sales McNabb. "One responsibility Ms. Devere inherited from Sister de Sales is the job of engraving all the awards that are distributed at the end of the year. It is hard work, with no room for error, with almost a prayerful rhythm. Once Sister told me that as she painstakingly engraved the name of each student, she offered a prayer for her success and that God would bless her," said Kerns. "I rather think that Ms. Devere does much the same."

"Ms. Devere is a Salesian educator who 'shows up.' She shows up early in the morning and stays late at night. She shows up for Visitation students, alums, and colleagues at their wakes, funerals, marriage vows, and religious professions and/or for the people whom they love - so evocative of our first Superior, St. Jane, whose care for her early Sisters knew no bounds," said Kane.

Congratulations to Ms. Devere!

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