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46 Students Inducted into Spanish Honor Society

Over 40 students who have excelled in their study of the Spanish language were inducted into Visitation’s Spanish Honor Society. An induction ceremony was held last month, marking the new members’ formal introduction to the national group. Families, faculty, and peers attended in celebration of the students’ success.

Visitation’s Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica - SHH) was sponsored and founded by Spanish teacher Christy Joria in 2004. Since then, many of Visitation's SHH students have been published in the Society’s scholarly journal and earned merit-based scholarships for Spanish immersion programs in various Spanish-speaking countries. In 2018, Visitation's SHH was recognized as a Chapter of the Year by Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. It is currently sponsored  by Thomas Farrell.

SHH inductees include:

  • Jade Adams
  • Isa Aguirre
  • Marisa Aguirre
  • Isa Arias
  • Maya Battaglini
  • Rania Beidas
  • Claire Blume
  • Allison Bogley
  • Sofia Bollman
  • Helen Bonner
  • Gloria Burkhardt
  • Keegan Corbett
  • Lilly Elmore
  • Daniela Ergueta
  • Sami Farmer
  • Sadie Fester
  • Filimona Fekru
  • Mahilet Girma
  • Brenda Gomez
  • Daniela Gomez
  • Madeline Goodman
  • Darlin Henriquez
  • Lila Horrigan
  • Lea Jordanoff
  • Caroline Kirvan 
  • Charlee Levine
  • Sofía López
  • Ellie Malloy
  • Leah Mogus
  • Cate Moran
  • Christina Murphy
  • McKayla Paleologos
  • Pilar Preciado
  • Violeta Preciado
  • Caroline Prisco
  • Sofia Reyes
  • Valery Rivera
  • Ella Rodriguez
  • Molly Ryan
  • CJ Sands
  • Anna Schmidtlein
  • Libby Smith
  • Lilian Suescum
  • Katie Tompkins
  • Gabriella Trapasso
  • Annetta Uduebor