Meet Max Bindernagel

Studying words, literature, and poetry is just one way to grow closer to God. This is Max Bindernagel’s teaching philosophy. The newest member of the English department, Mr. Bindernagel taught religion classes at Visitation for four years prior to making the switch to English. Despite a shift in curriculum, his goal in educating students has not changed; whether studying the Bible or Shakespeare, he wants students to see and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation all around us.

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Pro-Life Activist Jeanne Marie Hathway ‘16 Speaks to Visi Students

Every year, Visitation hosts a guest speaker during the week of March for Life. This year, the community welcomed back recent graduate Jeanne Marie Hathway `16. A proud Visi girl and articulate speaker, she is currently a senior at The Catholic University of America, majoring in Philosophy. Hathway’s writings have been featured in several Catholic news sources. 

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Meet Rosemary McNulty

Every student looks forward to her graduation day. At Visitation, for the past decade, that has meant donning a white dress and gloves, carrying a bouquet of red roses, and walking from the Quadrangle through the Green Gate up to McNabb Field, where a red carpet and large tent await, filled to the brim with family, friends and loved ones ready to share in this proud moment. The woman who ensures this moment is picture perfect is found behind-the-scenes with a walkie-talkie: Facilities Director Rosemary McNulty

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Meet Lindsay Kelleher

With a smile and listening ear, Lindsay Kelleher's gentle presence is a model for her freshman and sophomore religion students. Mrs. Kelleher and husband Patrick, history teacher and the Visitation New Teacher of the Year last fall, live in Georgetown with their three-year old, Jack (who is well-known to Visitation girls as he travels around campus on his tricycle, with his parents right behind him).

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Students Explore Civil Discourse, Diversity at National Conference

Six members of Kaleidoscope, Visitation’s multicultural club and leaders of our annual Diversity Day, visited Nashville for a national independent school conference on diversity and leadership. Immediately pushed outside their comfort zone, the girls thrived, forging their own paths and making new friends. They all came away with a similar lesson: civil discourse is a necessary and important part of a diverse community. 

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Camilla Johnson ‘20 Explores Shakespeare, Research Through Fellowship at Folger

In late August, Camilla Johnson ‘20 was accepted as one of 15 Lily McKee High School Fellow at Folger Shakespeare Library. This selective fellowship is an intensive seminar and research experience.

Students who participate study language, printing, editing, history, and performance. Camilla met with scholars, artists, and Folger staff throughout the fall session, which took a deep dive into 1 Henry IV and allowed her to conduct original research on an object in its library.

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Meet Sharon O'Brien

For nearly 29 years, she’s been Mr. Kerns’ right-hand woman at Visitation. Sharon O’Brien is not only the heart of the Main Office and the gatekeeper to Mr. Kerns, but she’s also a past Visitation parent. Her daughter graduated in 1991, the year after Sharon began working here.

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Meet Beatriz Rodriguez

She melts away your traffic troubles with her bright smile, keeps campus safe, and watches over “her girls” as they dart back and forth across the lane and parking lot; Campus Guard Beatriz Rodriguez gifts Visitation with more than just security.

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