COVID-19 Information

Georgetown Visitation is actively monitoring new developments with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. We will regularly update the Visitation community through email about the school's preparation and responses. Please continue to check this page regularly, as it reflects up-to-date correspondence.

Thank you, as always, for your partnership and understanding as we work together for the health and safety of everyone in our community. 

As we face this challenge together as a community, may we be comforted by the words of St. Francis de Sales:


COVID-19 Community Updates

Distance Learning Guidance & Resources

Whether on campus or off, classwork information will continue to be updated using students' Veracross Student Portal.  Students should be sure to check that as well as their email on a regular basis throughout the day. 

The resources students use to collaborate with teachers (Showbie, Socrative, Google Drive) remain the same, so they are already fluent with this technology.

Students should have download Microsoft Teams from the Self-Service app. This app offers a more interactive element to learning if teachers choose to use it. Veracross remains the official means of communicating with students.

As is always the case, communication is key.  Students should reach out to teachers in the usual fashion (using Cubmail) with questions.

Tips for Distance Learning Success  

  • Stay physically close to the router when you are connecting using wifi.
  • If you have a computer at home and can plug into your router, that will be a more consistent and faster connection.
  • Verify you have all of the necessary passwords for accessing your cloud services (iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive).
  • Keep your iPad Clean
  • If you are concerned about your device, or any other app, email with questions.


During distance learning, teachers and students will follow the regular schedule of the day. Students will check their class web pages at the beginning of each period. If teachers engage with students interactively (e.g., via Veracross discussions, Microsoft teams, etc.), they will do so during their set class period.  

Teachers may not have a “remote lesson” daily. In some instances a teacher may choose to post an assignment for the day. In that instance, the class teacher will be available during “class” to respond to emails or questions that students may have. 

Virtual Visitation

  • Although you will be learning in a different physical environment, all the expectations and standards we have at Visitation are still in place.
  • The Honor Code extends beyond the gates of 35th Street.  Work with integrity while you are off campus.
  • The bluetooth restriction for your iPads has been removed for the duration of our distance learning so you can connect to various accessories at home.
  • All days of the rotation will be regular days - see full schedule below.
  • Be timely for class - look at your schedule the night before.
  • Be prepared for class - know what your teachers expect of you and complete assignments as requested.
  • Be present for class - put yourself in a work area where you can focus on the task ahead of you.  This area should be close to your router for the best connection.
  • Communicate openly - if you don't understand something, ask someone.  
  • If you have technical difficulty - logging in, hardware problems, wifi problems - tell someone:

Online Etiquette

  • If you will be participating in a Microsoft Teams online class, remember to mute your speaker and turn off  your video as you enter the call. If you use your iPad, this is the default.
  • Use the chat to indicate to your teacher you have a question rather than turn on your microphone and interrupt.
  • Be presentable.  While you do not have to wear your uniform, if you will be sharing your video, make sure you are dressed appropriately.
  • Be patient as this is a new learning environment for all of us.
  • Be respectful of everyone's time.
  • If you find the connection slow, turn off the video.