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Visitation Voices

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Elizabeth "Biz" Wittschen
Religion Teacher
"I hope my students learn to look critically at the world (laws, societal norms, and cultures) and ask how being a woman of faith changes the way we engage with others and the world. I hope my students wrestle with questions like: How can I use my gifts in service to others?"
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Kelli Smith
Peggy Judge Hamilton '85
Peggy Judge Hamilton '85
English Teacher, Diversity Co-Coordinator

"Visitation is my alma mater, so I love that I’m part of a family and a sisterhood that had a great impact on who I am as a person; I love that now I get to give back to Visitation and have an impact on the place."
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Dr. Nancy Cowdin
Science Teacher, Neuroscientist

"My scholarship off-campus prompts me to integrate research into my classes."
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Will Farquhar, J.D.
History Teacher
"Girls come to class open to new ideas."
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Daniel M. Kerns, Jr.
Head of School
"This is a remarkable community, made up of students and adults who support and encourage each other, who draw from our rich history but at the same time make those traditions meaningful in today's world. "
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John Arias
Sr. Berchmans Hannan '48 & '50
Monastery Superior, President Emerita

"I believe Visitation offers its students a safe and comfortable environment in which they discover their true selves as they move through the challenging adolescent years. They will learn self-confidence and have the freedom to discover new areas where they can test their talents and interests."
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Mary Kate Blaine

"This is the place for your daughters to grow, question, make friends, think, pray, laugh, and learn."
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Kati Krueger 99

Kati H. Krueger '99
Math Teacher
"We must educate students to be problem solvers. "
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