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Athletes in College

Many of our athletes are interested in pursuing sports beyond high school. Some of these students are interested in the doors that sports can open, while others simply can't imagine life without their favorite pursuit. There are many reasons to consider college-level sports, and Visitation strives to support all of its athletes navigating this transition.

Our alumnae have gone on to play myriad sports at dozens of schools, from Division I to Division III. Some had a lengthy recruiting period, while others walked on to their respective teams. A few of the colleges and universities that our athletes have represented include:

Meet Our College Athletes

Clare Richards '18

"The best part about playing sports is having a connection with all your teammates and having the humility to be genuinely happy when your team is doing well, not just yourself."

Veronika Pettey '17

"Visitation is such a strong community because everyone wants to better one another. It wasn't about individual success. I realized in college that I was just as happy, if not more so, for other girls who scored."

Alexis Gray '16

"Visitation was the best four years of my basketball career. Not just from winning, but from the friendships I still have on the team."



Kathleen Humen in the College Counseling Office serves as our College Athletics Liaison, helping educate athletes about and guiding them through the recruiting process. She may be contacted at 202.337.3350, ext. 2279 or