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Our Visual Arts Program focuses on building students' understanding, experience, and skill. Students in our arts classes work in a variety of media and gain exposure to myriad theories, ideas, and artists, broadening their horizons and encouraging respect for different approaches.

Visitation also takes advantage of its location in bustling Washington, DC, and introduces students to the burgeoning local arts and museum scene outside our gates. Through field trips to places like the National Gallery and the Phillips Collection, our young artists gain inspiration, learn to recognize familiar techniques and concepts in the work of masters, and forge connections with the greater arts world.

Students interested in sharing their work with the school community have a variety of outlets. Visitation hosts an Art Show each spring that is open to any student, regardless of whether they are enrolled in an art class. Student art is also displayed in St. Joseph's Hall and other campus locations. Additionally, our many campus publications—the literary magazine, yearbook, student newspaper, and our alumnae magazine—all highlight student work.

Our teachers also encourage students to take advantage of art opportunities outside of school. In past years students have participated in the National Gallery of Art's High School Seminar, giving them a closer look at the ins and outs of running an art gallery, and students are often published in National Spanish Honor Society’s literary magazine, “Albricias.”

Student Art

Visitation Voices

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Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith
Visual Arts Department Chair
"Art plays a critical role in so many academic disciplines, especially history and religion."
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Charlotte '20
Photographer, MUN member

"Art at Visi gives me the freedom to create and express myself. As a freshman in Aesthetics, we had many projects where we could try out different art concepts and techniques. In addition, Mrs. Smith was such an engaging and entertaining teacher who had a real passion for art, and it showed through in her teaching."
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Bella '20
Cartoonist, Tech Crew

"I am amazed by other girls’ talents."
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